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Fixing fonts in an application

(Userx) #1

I installed something called Visual Studio Code, it is for lack of a better way of knowing how to put it, closed install, like blender is, it is self contained. the fonts in it showing on the screen got little specs in it making it hard to read at times.

I do not even know if it is the app itself or the system or a little bit of both, and
I don’t if you can see it, but them little specs here and there. if it is the system does anyone know how to fix that?


Downgrade to freetype-2.8.
xdowngrade /var/cache/xbps/freetype-2.8_1.*.xbps
Don’t forget to put freetype on hold mode so it doesn’t update to a broken version again
xbps-pkgdb -m hold freetype

(Jacob Moen) #3

See this : Artifacts after freetype update