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Firefox right click menu doesn't stay


Hey guys. New Void user here. I’m coming from Gentoo for a long time (+8 years) and i never managed to get used to any other distros. Tried Void this weekend and fell in love with it. I’m here to stay for good. Really neat, fast and unbloated.

Anyway. I’m having an issue with Firefox. When i right click on any page, the menu just opens and closes really fast making the page go back in history (the back arrow is on the top left corner of the right click menu). I don’t have dbus starting as a service, i tried that but it’s still the same.

The menu only stays if i right click and move the mouse out of the corner or if i keep holding the right mouse button. Does anybody have this issue?


That’s good to know!
I will call you next time my package build fails. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for your information, in the repos we have the ESR version, too.
It’s probably more stable.


I don’t want to go around necromancing, but has anyone been able to solve this issue?. I spent 5hours+ yesterday working with libinput and synaptics, until I realized that it is a firefox only problem.

Don’t really feel like going back to the esr version. I’ve been spoilt by quantum


I have the same problem. I have to hold the right button down but that’s somewhat annoying.


Who knows?

@ileri , @rob_dot Have you Googled this bug? to find something…


ofc. Seems to be a void+firefox issue. I don’t remember having this problem on other distros I tested before switching to void

and don’t be so condescending


No, of course I didn’t try to solve a massively annoying issue with my main browser which I use everyday but I thought it would be a good idea to spam the forum with it.


Maybe the best thing to do is to open a new issue on github then.

No, I’m not.
I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. :wink:


if you can find information of interest, this is not spam.


Firefox right click context menu exhibits normal behaviour on glibc x86_64 lxde system.
The context menu remains open until clicking once with either right or left mouse button.

[rj@voidlinux:~/void-packages]$ ./xbps-src update-check firefox 
firefox-58.0.1 -> firefox-58.0.2


In my case the problem solved itself and i totally forgot about this topic.