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Firefox 57

(Richard DW Redcroft) #1

I am trying to create a compile FF57 locally using xbps src. I’ve copied the Firefox folder to Firefox-beta, and edited the template file to include the version number 57.0b5 instead of 55.0.3, set all the desired build options etc, but when i run ./xbps-src -o ~pulseaudio pkg firefox-beta it still tries to download the firefox-55.0.3.source.tar.xz

What am i doing wrong?

(oliver) #2

can you post the template?

(Richard DW Redcroft) #3

Here’s the template



You are not correct the distfiles path.

You choice from here (replace the channel if you want)

(Richard DW Redcroft) #5

I have corrected the distfiles path, the strng is


which is correct, as i have updated the version number from 55.03 to 57.0b5, the rest of the path is correct. No where in the template does it mention 55.03, or any of the other files inside the firefox-next path


Its not going to work without any effort, already 56 has many changes and needs new patches.
57 is beta and has many more changes that are potentially broken.

You need to change the pkgname variable if you change the template path.

(Richard DW Redcroft) #7

Yeah just got it to work, but naming the pkg firefox-next and altering the distfiles path, then got hit with patch errors. Guess i’ll be sticking with 55 for now.