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Feedback Channel about Void Linux Management issues

(Enno Boland) #1

This Topic should give you the opportunity to ask questions about the recent news article.

Closed why?: "Void Linux Management issues"

That’s a sudden turn of events.

Do you consider some alternative to Github, such as GitLab or something completely different?

Is it out of the question to simply fork the current Github and make the fork the new official repo?

Would the restructuring bring any significant changes to the goals and “ideals” of the Void Linux as a project?

Also, I apologize for any vocal dissatisfactions with the PR acceptance time.

(Enno Boland) #3

We’re currently considering four options for sourcecode management:

  • Moving from GitHub to GitLab
  • Opening a new Org on GitHub
  • Selfhosting using gitea or similiar
  • Somehow convince GitHub to add other people to the org.

(Enno Boland) #4

I don’t think that there will be shift in the goals and ideals. That’s too much work and we’re lazy people :wink:


We loyal followers are here to help. Just keep us posted when it’s clear how we can help!

(Steve) #6

Wow, that’s a little disheartening. Sorry to hear you guys are having so much trouble. I guess it’s expected for small (relatively speaking) OSS projects and I’m glad it’s a learning process that we seem to be surviving as the Void Community.

What can I do to help? While I may not be the best coder in the world, I do have some talents in many other places and am making myself available to help, if you need it. I can even clean bathroom stalls well! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Frankie Wilde) #7

The distro aside, seriously is Juan OK ?

(Enno Boland) #8

Honestly, I have no idea what happened. We have tried to reestablish contact in various ways, via mail, twitter. No response.

(Frankie Wilde) #9

We are celebrating 10 years this year. I hope he is fine and just moving on. It would have been so much easier if he announced it officially at the time he felt/decided it. Thank you for stepping up it was a matter of time the one man show/centralized model becoming obsolescent.
Still big up for Juan making possible where we are.

(Steve) #10

That brings up a lot of questions, namely, is Void actually made into an official organization in some country? If it is, can leadership be transferred? If not, is it time to think about that? What rights are reserved by Juan that may not be transferable without his explicit okay? In other words, how is Void, as an organization, set up and how will it be managed going forward? Does Juan retain the rights to the Void name?

I do hope that he’s okay. I noticed that his last commits in Github were in January 2018, but after that, nothing.

(Enno Boland) #11


We have considered that but the maintainance overhead is too high for a legal body. We might have found another way to handle this, but it’s too early to discuss this publicly.

Juan did not reserve any trademarks or similiar as far as we know. He did not set up any legal body. We don’t know the exact position we’re in here, but I’m willing to take the risk. If there are any serious legal issues coming up, we may consider a fork/rename of the project though.

Same for any other social media he visited regulary. I’m really hoping he’s ok too.


I had no idea any of this was happening. Full support to you all.

(Jacob Moen) #13

Perfect opportunity to change the name from Void Linux to Limbo Linux :wink:

Kidding aside, Github really ought to have a system in place for when an admin goes AWOL.
It would not be difficult for them to verify the validity of your case.

Thank you for being honest about this - it means a lot!


Not implemented AFAIK. Great platform on most counts apart from the spam.
I’m sure there was some photo showing Juan at a Linux convention? Could anyone do some image recognition thing and find him? Didn’t anyone know him in person? After what happened to Ian Murdock this might be something to be concerned about, I hope he has just got bored and found some other interest. I wish him well if that is the case, and thanks for all that he contributed.

(kasper) #15

Discussion on HN:


(seth) #16

re: organizations - I think a club might be a good way to go. very little overhead, low fees, club ownership of resources and ability to collect dues.

(Erin) #17

Void is rather appropriate as we are in an unknown hole! If I can be of any assistance to the senior team, please let me know. It is good to hear there is a positivity in the Team still despite the current issues.


Thank you for the info and invitation to comment. It shows a good spirit. Void’s future remains bright given an ever-widening circle of admirers.

I hope Juan is OK. Finding anyone given full name and photo is just a small fee to a professional investigation service. There are thousands worldwide. If Juan passed away, or into a coma, they can find out. That info might help with Github et al. Corporations mainly fuss over liabilities. If you give them solid info like a death certificate, they will budge. They would just ask the next of kin for permission to release Juan’s abstract “property” to you.

Shy of all that, I have a few infrastructure ideas.

Given recent talk of a JavaScript-less forum, outsource to LinuxQuestions.org. Its management only requires distro leads to particiapte and/or request a subforum. It’s vBulletin (PHP) and works with JavaScript disabled.

What does the distro get out of it?
Most importantly, they and their customers have access to a very busy, very lively forum with a great number of very very knowledgeable people. They get an official support area away from their inboxes. This means that support for the distro can go on even if the devs are unavailable - especially important around the time of a new release!

The second infrastructure idea is: please do not use anything Google. Some of us reject its ToS. The Google mailing list never got anywhere, so it’s no loss. Dump everything Google. Do not accept offers from Google or anyone working there to “help” on Google facilities.

The third idea is to fork. It’s more important if you go with a 3rd-party legal holding structure. They’ll want a clean slate. I have no preference either way, but a fork could make life easier. Void is still small. A fork won’t much hurt its “brand” and that briefly. Other distros have changed names for many reasons; it’s not a big deal. A clean fork will let you set up project parameters correctly once and for all.

“Tidy Linux” … ?


Although I’m personally in favour of a fork as it is less morally ambiguous than appropriating xtraeme’s projects, very in spirit of FOSS and allows current core team to follow the structure they consider the best, while also allowing to regroup or merge with Void when/if xtraeme comes back, I do feel that a fork might be detrimental to the overall success of the distribution.


It would be better termed a rebranding. A fork implies alteration in development design choices. That’s not what a mere name change and repo migration means here. It’s the same identical project with a new name and other servers, that’s all.