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Experience with musl

(diana) #1


Whats your experience with musl in daily usage? Whats the benefit of changing to musl? Fewer freezing or such (not that void freezes)?
I know, try it for myself :stuck_out_tongue:


For starters I found this comparison very interesting. I’m using musl on my Raspberry Pi and it just feels so much faster :slight_smile:

(diana) #3

Thanks. Void is superfast , I must see how fast with musl :slight_smile:

(diana) #4

I installed x64 musl enlightenment and I cant add multilib and multilib nonfree repos :frowning:


There is no musl i686 and therefore no multilib :frowning: I don’t know the reason, but I guess it just might be too much additional work for a now more or less obsolete platform though there are probably still a lot of old machines around which would really benefit a lot from the speed gain (though void glibc is quite a speedup). I would definitely love to have musl on my old i686 machine :slight_smile:

As for the non-free repo: every binary has to be build against the musl library. This can’t be done with closed source binary blobs like e.g. the nvidia driver. So the non-free repo is rather small. As long as software manufacturers don’t link their software against musl you have to rely on open source only. But if you do need one or another binary package you’d be better off with glibc.

You can also check out this recent thread with some interesting posts about using musl.

(de69ja) #7

Doing a bit of plagarising from the musl Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musl
theres a 45 minute talk from the musl developer Rich Felker a few years ago at a San Jose Conference gives a background to how musl came about and operation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbhYSGSYkpQ

With regards to multi-libs … id probably look into https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_compiler

Sure its homework! … but education is emancipation :slight_smile:


Till now, I have no problems with musl on a ThinkPad W541 and a Shuttle-XS35V4. The thing is, I need only open source software. It depends what you plan todo and, which software you need. Void makes the ThinkPad useable (out of the box) with Linux - that is what other (systemd) mainstream distributions not did.

(diana) #9

yeah, void is amazing, Just what I need :slight_smile:


That is good because most users (on all operating systems) hunt only for shiny things and functions - and forgot the job they basically like / need todo.


Same here. When I found void it was almost like an epiphany. It’s excactly what I always wanted. :slight_smile:

(Masato the Empty) #12

@de69ja It’s not really about musl, though musl development was part of his motivation for making it, according to the opening post, but if you’re interested in Rich’s thinking and motivation, you should read his blog, ewontfix. His posts are relatively few and far between, and the last one was in 2015, but still good reading.

(his post on systemd as well as skarnet’s articles have been repeatedly mentioned elsewhere on this forum, but that’s just one post and there’s quite a bit of other fun stuff to look at there)

(de69ja) #13

Thanks masato … i must admit,a great deal of code talk is a ‘foreign language’ to me - but much understanding comes from ‘listening to the natives’ :slight_smile:
Mr Felker expression is very coherent … your ewontfix link has only assisted that clarity … many thanks :slight_smile: (i just need to eliminate lazy binding … from myself :wink: )


My experience I cannot start the X even non or DE version live image. I couldn’t look the log file because can’t switch to the second tty :frowning:

Anybody suffer with issue with new live image??