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Epson Iscan, Iscan-data needs updating


It needs updating as the package was built in 2015 around the same time as the sane package it uses had a bug efectevely blocking the printer from being reconised,

The normal sane package in the repro is fine but not used with Iscan for some reason in void.


Hi @mandog, it would be most effective if you made a pull request yourself with the changes in the github page or open an issue stating the desired change.

I hope it was useful!


To be honest I don’t have a clue how to do that seriously after 15 years on Arch linux, and many other distros including Gentoo BSD, I have never encountered having to ever do a pull request.
If i fix it for me as dirty fixes are not good fixes in the wild. And surely its up to the distro to maintain packages not me. I don’t know perhaps void is different in its philosophy


Void has a really open mind when it comes to taking in work from the community, but the bases are strong, do not do anything that would lack quality (some exceptions are done, but really few).

A great read about how the Void building system and environment work is it’s github page. There you can see how high (or low) the standards are, the quality that is required and if you look into the issues and PRs you will see how much community support Void has. Either way, I am going to ping @cr6 to see if he would like to do this task, (though I believe it will be a version/revision bump only).


That would be nice if you could do that, don’t get me wrong i’m not knocking void its a strong distro and I have nothing but praise for its stability that is why I use it.


Oh! I didn’t mean that as a harsh answer, but it is generally good advice for new people to learn how void works for their own good (and also to show off a bit :smile:)



Great will give it a try Thanks for this


But there are quite a lot of open pull request right now so it could take a while. :wink:


That’s fine not a problem for me I have waited 2 years for gutenprint to be in the repro a bit longer is no problem for the scanner.

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Just get close to 300 PR and they will wake up in a frenzy to lower the number


sorry, I wasn’t pingable at the time. :wink:


@mandog the updated iscan is in the repo now. I’m just curious if this solved your problem?


O great I thought I was going to have to wait a while I’ll install and come back.
Installed working great but for some reason not showing in the menu not to worry can live with that

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Woo-hoo! :smile:


Can’t thank you enough for helping me on this


No problem. :slight_smile:


That’s fixed now. The .desktop file was missing.