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Encrypt or not encrypt?


I have a couple of newbie questions.

If I choose the encryption option on installation, can still get my files if I mess up my install later on?

Every other distro I have tried in the past, when I choose the encrypt option the install has failed. Is there an option I need to set in my Bios to make encryption work? I am installing on a 64 bit PC.


Well… Encryption is not something a newbee should be trying right away.

You should give us more information regarding the way you are setting up your system. However, my very personal recommendation is that you leave encryption when you have a nice global understanding of the Linux infraestructure. For example: are you using lvm2, are you separating /boot in another partition or are you encryptin g it too, are you using ext4fs or btrfs or any other?

If you really want to have your system encrypted we would need a lot more info. Thanks!


go for it - just ensure that you backup all critical data.
(Backup in any case!)

In this day and age, encryption should be the default/only option.

Take a look at my How To.

(For the record, I’ve been encrypting my files for over a decade on both Linux and Windows - at one point I was running Lubuntu on an encrypted USB stick!)
(Caveat: I’ve only used LUKS/cryptsetup on Linux and VeraCrypt/TrueCrypt on WIndows.)

(Simone ) #4

Honestly using LUKS is one of the best option around while installing, it provides a sane default and it’s not that hard to have a running setup with full disk encryption.

Optional: you can use an external key (on a usb drive) or a main passphrase after booting.