Enable commands such as "ar"

(Owen Geer) #1

Im trying to test an opencl package and I need to use the “ar” (as in archive) command to acces a deb file I think. How do enable this command and other commands like this? What do I need to install?

(Benjamín Albiñana) #2

It’s in the binutils package. Within the package xtools there is the xlocate shell script, useful for searching.

(Erin) #3

Manpages or a search on the Internet.

(Benjamín Albiñana) #4

Awesome, didn’t know that. But, the main page https://man.voidlinux.eu/ have a link to https://man.voidlinux.eu/man.cgi.8 that fails.

(Erin) #5

Strange. It works for me plus if the software is installed, you can “man <>” in your terminal.

(Benjamín Albiñana) #6

(Edmond Dantes ) #7

fails in my case too at the moment; anyway, there’s always OpenBSD’s man.cgi(8) :wink:

(Benjamín Albiñana) #8

[me@here~]$ xlocate man.cgi.8|| echo “Nope”