ELC 2015 - Transitioning From uclibc to musl for Embedded Development - Rich Felker, Openwall

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Interesting speech on musl and related


Something to watch tonight :yum:


So, Rich Felker uses Alpine on his laptop :roll_eyes:
Why not Void?
busybox vs. coreutils :thinking:


To be fair I also heard about Alpine before Void.

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I think it’s more related to Alpine’s overall reputation amid Linux community than a real technical software-level dabate; possibly, the number of active contributors, the code they contribute back to Linux, especially security patches, the professional appliances, their effort at advocacy and advertising

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In addition, it’s no secret that those who seek musl are also usually the same who’re most interested in security, embedded, lightweight, server and network appliances, including firewall, routers, cloud, webmin, etc…and Alpine explicitely targets all those markets while Void is a general purpose distribution. Alpine is born as a fork of LEAF (Linux Embedded Appliance Framework Project) and its slogan is literally: “Small.Simple.Secure. …Alpine is a security-oriented, lightweight, Linux distribution”


Yes, I’ve myself considered Alpine.
Actually, I have a qemu virtual machine with it. I’ve pulled the new .iso that was released 2 weeks ago and I’m planning on re-doing the virtual machine. I like apk, it’s really fast, but busybox can be a PITA, …or, maybe, I just have to get used to it!

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Never used it, but as far as I know, busybox software availability is extremely tiny; I don’t think it’s really suited for desktop usage,unless you’re extremely picky about security :slight_smile: