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Do not suspend when laptop's lid is closed


@kenny_w like it is in the real file:

$ cat /etc/acpi/handler.sh
	case "$3" in
			# suspend-to-ram
			logger "LID closed, suspending..."
		open)	logger "LID opened" ;;
		*) logger "ACPI action undefined (LID): $2";;
        logger "ACPI group/action undefined: $1 / $2"

You can use the “Preformatted text” button for that.

(kenny_w) #43

oooohhh I see now, I’m sorry cr6, I’m still getting the hang of using forums.

Dang. It seems this fix isn’t working for me this time around since I had to re-install everything :expressionless:
Oh well… good practice I suppose…

Changing the $2 to a $3 makes the screen stay off…

Update: I removed the “zzz” part and now it doesn’t turn off when I close the lid :stuck_out_tongue: I keep the $2 as a $2
hmmm… suddenly my touchpad no longer is working now… odd…