Do any video editors work for you?

(Dario Niedermann) #1

My results with the distro-provided video editors on my x86_64 glibc-based system:

  • openshot: hangs while importing a ~150MB .3gp file
  • shotcut: segmentation fault at start
  • flowblade: segmentation fault at start


(Emptier of Systems) #2

I’ll try them now.

Last time I had to edit video on Linux I found all the editors buggy. Kdenlive ended up being the least crashy option then, but still had quite a few rough corners and odd behaviours.

(Emptier of Systems) #3
  • Openshot: dragged and dropped on a 600MiB (FLV, h264, aac) file. Seems to work fine.
  • Shotcut: opens fine. Then opened a video file, seems to work fine.
  • Flowblade: segfaults on start, no obvious reason why in the console output.

Have you tried the basic things, like a full system update and watching the crashes in a terminal?

EDIT: With openshot: you might be able to pre-convert the video using ffmpeg into a more openshotty friendly format to workaround your problem. Maybe, depends on the reason for the crash.

(Dario Niedermann) #4

Yes to both: Openshot hangs at “files_model:INFO updating files model.”.

I’ll try to convert to some other format before feeding it to Openshot, but this is less than ideal: I’ll lose quality unless I go with giant DV files.


I’ve used Blender with some success, but it’s not the best experience for me. It’s relatively slow and complex for someone that wants simple things and don’t want to have to see some video tutorials to do simple operations.

Regarding shotcut, the timeline is empty - not even a toolbar - because it is not compatible with the OpenGL on our systems.
Openshot seemed like the most simple to operate, but it was buggy and crashed before accomplishing something in a one hour video.

Tried several other, but some are buggy. It’s said that it’s because of the underlying instability of the MLT Multimedia Framework.

(Daniel Lewan) #6

KDEnlive works for me. It sometimes crashes but that’s just how it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Shotcut works perfectly well. Blender is cool as long as you don’t need live
audio preview.

(Emptier of Systems) #7

That might explain a few things.

I’ll give blender a go next time.

(tubbs) #8

For simple stuff like cropping cutting and encoding mpv with a few scripts is pretty nice.

(Dario Niedermann) #9

And a nice segfault on startup from KDEnlive too. :-1:


Nice, very nice info @tubbs. Didn’t know about that. Already using for slicing. Simple as I need!


(Samuel A. Falvo II) #11

I second this; of all the video editors I’ve ever used, regardless of distribution what-so-ever, Kdenlive was far and away the most stable of them all, despite its flakiness.

I’m using Kdenlive for my videos now, and although the graphics glitch now and again, I’ve never had it outright crash on me (so far!!), and whenever I do something stupid, it just comes right back up where it left off.

I’d recommend Kdenlive based on my experience with it to date.

For reference, I’m running on a System76 Gazelle laptop with 32GB of RAM.

(4130) #12

I’ve only recently (the past 2 years or so) tried my hand at editing videos with linux, and have been using Void exclusively during that time.

It’s been a pain before kdenlive was packaged, because OpenShot, Avidemux, and Flowblade all crashed periodically.

kdenlive has been extremely workable for me and hasn’t crashed, plus i use KDE so dependencies aren’t something i was worried about.

I also agree with @liber1 about Blender being a bit wonky for video editing, but that could definitely be user error since Blender itself is quite stable and does its job well in other aspects. I really do wish OpenShot was more stable, though.

I guess the only other option would be try out packaging other video editing software for linux on void and testing them out:

I had good success with audio software with Crossover on Void (FL Studio 11, SpectraLayers), Sony Vegas did not work out for me which was not surprising at the time i tried to get it to work. Unfortunately the world of video editing software only really cares about Windows and OSX, but Wine is always an option.

If only worked :confused:

(Kieran Coldron) #13

Davinci resolve works well for me :slight_smile: it’s a little difficult to install though and doesn’t support many file formats but transcoding isn’t a massive problem.

(Nikola Pavlica) #14

KDEnlive works better than ever on VoidLinux, I don’t know what optimizations were put in place but it works better than on any other distro IMO