Dell Laptop ath10k kernel module

(Sebastian) #1

although this might be a hardware issue rather than a void issue - I have troubles with the Killer Wifi Card in my dell laptop. The card works perfectly fine using the ath10k kernel module. But sometimes after a reboot, the card has disappeared. After a reboot everything goes back to normal. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

Best, Sebastian


Could you provide the exact model / reference of your Dell laptop?
And something like:

lspci |grep Network

could help.

(Sebastian) #3

I have the Dell XPS15 9570. I’ll post the lspci output as soon as I get back to it. Strange thing is, that is works just fine sometimes :wink: But before I really solve that problem I have to figure out my fan issue, because if it keeps being that loud I’ll have to return it… (and also some issues with the high dpi screen)


You’re talking about dell-fan-control-dell-smm-hwmon ? Not solved ?

(Sebastian) #5

yes - exactly. Unfortunately the fan keeps on spinning and is really annoying. I think one problem might be, that at the moment I’m not switching to the Intel graphics. But as far as I understand it, the new NVIDIA driver should include PRIME and the ability to switch. However this does not work for me yet.