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Cool Apps for New Packagers


The manual says that patches must be in -p0 format. They’re copied to $wrksrc and are applied from there. So you have to adjust the path in your patch. That means change

--- a/src/jobs/meltjob.cpp
+++ b/src/jobs/meltjob.cpp


--- src/jobs/meltjob.cpp
+++ src/jobs/meltjob.cpp

and you won’t need patch_args. That’s all. :wink:


thanks…I’ve done it. :slight_smile:


Confidant Mail is self-hosted wxPython that beats secure webmail via GnuPG2 on the client side and can handle very large file transmission.


CHIPSEC (Python)


Pris DSL for presentation slides in Rust with Cairo library.


The etm event and task manager has used different GUI toolkits over time, from what I see. The latest one is Tk.


One Thing Well


that’s done.


it seems as if this program isn’t developed anymore: the latest release is still alpha 0.9.3 and the latest commit is from 2015.


@lancs was it you @linuxcompitech who opened the pull request #8519 for shotcut ?
I made the necessary correction, and it has been merged in #9677.
:champagne: :wink:


@cr6 Yes I did, but at the moment I am in Germany. Thanks for the correction, I will test it…when I come back. It’s very tricky to build shotcut, with all my builds shotcut was crashing at startup.


Not sure that’s the best place to ask, but does anyone know, why ioquake3 is only available for rpi in the repos?
There are Quake 1 and Quake2 clients/engines for x86, but no Quake 3.


Yes, see the template.
The package is called ioquake3-rpi by the way.


My question was more of a “why”?

There doesn’t seem to be anything that stops it from being avaiable for other architectures. Patches are mostly void-specific directory changes and the template fetches the rpi version from github.

I’m mostly asking because am trying to convert it to the x86 package.


I do not know if that is possible…
…but yeah, why not try? :slightly_smiling_face: let us know if you need help.


Thanks, I certainly do!

Here’s the Makefile for ioquake3, when I try to actually make it. I get the following error:

CC code/client/cl_keys.c
CC code/client/cl_main.c
In file included from code/client/cl_main.c:28:0:
code/client/../sys/sys_loadlib.h:39:12: fatal error: SDL.h: No such file or directory
 #  include "SDL.h"
compilation terminated.
make[2]: *** [Makefile:2617: build/release-linux-x86_64/client/cl_main.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/builddir/ioquake3-20130506/ioquake3'
make[1]: *** [Makefile:1358: targets] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/builddir/ioquake3-20130506/ioquake3'
make: *** [Makefile:1275: release] Error 2

Even though I have SDL-devel installed and listed as a dependency. I suppose I should change where it looks for the libs? How do I do that properly?

Other than that, I think it might be pretty easy and the following template should work:

# Template file for 'ioquake3-rpi'

hostmakedepends="pkg-config git"

do_configure() {
	# Fetch ioquake3 for x86
	git clone git://github.com/ioquake/ioq3.git $pkgname --depth=1

	# Extract Patch Files
	cp $XBPS_SRCDISTDIR/${pkgname}-${version}/linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run .
	chmod +x linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run

	./linuxq3apoint-1.32b-3.x86.run --tar xf

do_build() {
	cd $pkgname
	sed -i "s:/usr/local/games/quake3:/opt/quake3:" Makefile

do_install() {
	vmkdir opt/${pkgname}/baseq3
	vmkdir opt/${pkgname}/missionpack
	# Copy the executables
	install -m755 ${pkgname}/build/release-linux-x86_64/*.x86_64 \
	install -Dm755 ${pkgname}/build/release-linux-x86_64/baseq3/*.so \

	install -Dm755 ${pkgname}/build/release-linux-x86_64/missionpack/*.so \

	# modify launcher scripts
	cp ${FILESDIR}/quake3.launcher .
	cp ${FILESDIR}/quake3ded.launcher .

	sed -i "s:IOQ3_BINARY:ioquake3.x86_64:" quake3.launcher
	sed -i "s:IOQ3_BINARY:ioq3ded.x86_64:" quake3ded.launcher
	sed -i "s:IOQ3_PATH:ioquake3:" quake3.launcher
	sed -i "s:IOQ3_PATH:ioquake3:" quake3ded.launcher

	# Install Quake 3 Patch Files
	install -m644 ${pkgname}/baseq3/*.pk3 \

	# Install Quake 3 Expansion Pack Patch Files
	install -m644 ${pkgname}/missionpack/*.pk3 \

	# Install Launcher (Client)
	vbin quake3.launcher quake3

	# Install Launcher (Server)
	vbin quake3ded.launcher quake3ded

	# Install Desktop File
	vinstall ${FILESDIR}/quake3.desktop 644 usr/share/applications

	# Install Icon File
	vinstall ${pkgname}/misc/quake3.png 644 usr/share/pixmaps


I didn’t look at the Makefile, are you sure it needs SDL ?
On the AUR PKGBUILD I can see SDL2. :neutral_face:


uhhhhhhhh I think it would be better to find another solution…

Try to fetch the tarball generated from the latest commit, for example:



Then you can remove git from hostmakedepends.


As it uses a Makefile, you should put:


Then you can remove this:

do_build() {

(I forgot) And this:

do_build() {
	sed -i "s:/usr/local/games/quake3:/opt/quake3:" Makefile

=> If you need to sed something before the build, you should do it in pre_configure() instead.

:sweat_smile: the f**** Manual is always helpful.


Thank you! I’ll try it out in a couple of hours.

Are you sure about build_style=gnu-makefile?

The package in distfiles is just a shell script that is being executed, while the make command is for another file that we fetch during the build phase. Would it work as expected?