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Cool Apps for New Packagers




:money_mouth: Does anyone know this thing :interrobang:




Interesting, it reminds me of “easy-file-trasher” by @AnachronGuy


I recently noticed this program called shoebill (see some screenshots).
“A :green_apple: Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX”

:older_man: Great !


Would someone be so kind as to make a template for this? Or lead me in the direction toward doing it myself, that would be also nice.


About Monero, see here @Epictek did all the work! :clap:

(Kieran Coldron) #54

Still a lot to be sorted with it :slight_smile: also going to add a template for monero-core.


@Epictek You can do it! :wink:





@Piraty Which Pull Request is it ? I can’t find focuswriter in the pulls


I have not yet contributed it to the official repo.
I like to work with newly templated software a few times before commiting anything possible incomplete

[Edit] well, here it is: https://github.com/voidlinux/void-packages/pull/7260


What a great application!
Here’s the overview:

TMSU is a tool for tagging your files. It provides a simple command-line tool for applying tags and a virtual filesystem so that you can get a tag-based view of your files from within any other program.

TMSU does not alter your files in any way: they remain unchanged on disk, or on the network, wherever you put them. TMSU maintains its own database and you simply gain an additional view, which you can mount, based upon the tags you set up. The only commitment required is your time and there’s absolutely no lock-in.

I like very much when the website of an application shows up a quick tour at its root page. How can tmsu help me? Just go through the start html page.


If you liked tmsu, then try TagSpaces which “has practically no alternative in the open source world, as it is a no-cloud, no-vendor locking, genuine, offline service, aiming at the user’s independence.”

The free version embeds tags in filenames. The paid one allows you to put the tags in separate data files.

Lots of audio file taggers target mp3 and such. I’ve yet to find one that does both audio and video files decently.

Some web-based file managers written in PHP or JavaScript also do tagging tricks.


Built with :radioactive: Electron.
Not very appreciated by Void devs, see this comment or this one for example.


Hi @nixit, it’s always nice to have and to know about alternatives. But TagSpaces is not for me. As every Electron app, it’s very big in size (another Chromium running), 53MB for the installation archive, 120MB in disk, although it has some cool features, color tags and others.


Fair point. I had not looked into TagSpaces closely enough to know it was Electron. I guess my ending statement is the most important one. TagSpaces is only one among a whole class of web-based tagging file managers. Most do not use Electron.

Example: Tagstoo from Pablo Andueza uses nodejs and jQuery.

TiddlyWiki also has tags though I’m not sure about file management options. Interestingly it has a node.js package.


@nixit About Tagstoo: I am trying to create a template for it, but on the homepage the author says: “It don’t require any installation; in Linux and MacOS simply unpack program files anywhere you want.”

Anywhere I want ? :confused:
This is confusing.
I mean… in my template, which directory should I choose to unpack these files?
To make a Pull Request I have to find out what is the correct way to do this with xbps-src.

(oliver) #66

IMO - stuff like that should be in /opt/pkgname