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Cool Apps for New Packagers


Ubuntu and Linux Mint are only getting votes because more people are aware of them.

Desktop Distribution of the Year is a joke just like many other polls. It’s more about popularity than anything else.

I can only feel bad for those people who stick to popular stuff because they have no idea what else exists. But then again, they seem a bit too lazy to look for better alternatives, so it’s partly their fault too.

(Masato the Empty) #23

Somehow I don’t think Xtraeme is shedding many tears over this.

I’m not sure that’s really what it is either. I think it’s just that Linux has become the new “cool” thing, and people are getting into it for that reason. Additionally, there is growing genuine discontent with MS software.

So I suspect that the popularit of these distros is because the majority of their users are refugees from Windows land, including developers who see more opportunities to develop in Linux. Thus, they’re not looking for the Unixy experience that we used to all get from a Linux distro, but for something more akin to the Windows desktop experience.

Although I guess I do agree with @AnachronGuy on the point of those people not knowing anything else. I just think they also don’t care about it, because Linux qua Linux isn’t what was important to them.

But I don’t fault them for it. People have different goals and motivations. One size does not it all, and popularity puts pressure on a distro to forget its own reasons for existence (the vision of the creators) and become more what the crowd wants.

I like what Void is now, and don’t care to see it become something else, which is why I came here from Debian. I know I’m a minority in the world. So I like Void to stay for people like me, so I don’t have to go somewhere else.

I’m greedy that way :smile:


Freaking good point. I came to Arch because of the Community, but I left Arch because of the Maintainers. Such a shame.


The poll isn’t closed yet, so how can you tell that no one voted for Void?
I voted for Void some weeks ago. And everyone can do the same until the mentioned deadline: “This poll will close on 2017-02-07 at 17:30”




@cr6: How do you see the votes each choice has? After voting, I don’t have that option, nor the possibility to vote again.

(Masato the Empty) #30

So I can’t see any Steganography applications in our repos, so I’m considering trying Steghide.


If you liked TreeSheets there’s also (forgiving Java / JavaScript) TiddlyMap based on TiddyWiki and/or TiddlyDesktop as well as FreePlane.

Maybe too: CompendiumNG

More picks.

slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier

gephi makes graphs handy

Calligra Flow is an easy to use diagramming and flowcharting application with tight integration to the other Calligra applications. It enables you to create network diagrams, organisation charts, flowcharts and more.

blockdiag and its family generate diagram images from simple text files

Thunderpad is a simple, general-purpose and cross-platform text editor written in C++ using the Qt libraries. Thunderpad aims to be faster and more lightweight than most text editors, but as useful as them. Additionally, Thunderpad supports many more features, such as advanced syntax highlighting (using QScintilla) and Regex search and replace functions.

acme from Plan9


You could use keepassX/ keepassX2 for that, they are in our repos.


Tribler - torrent client over tor

Ricochet - instant messenger over tor

Briar - P2P encrypted messaging and forums over tor or locally


I’d very much appreciate if you could share the GNS3 template!

(Masato the Empty) #36

all of my templates can be found in their various branches on my github fork (masato9000).

However, I’ve neglected that branch a bit, and there’s already a new version out with a new dependency as well. Maintainer @maldridge mentioned elsewhere on this forum that he had GNS3 that was up to inclusion quality. His GNS3-master branch has the latest version with all python dependencies not already in Void.

I don’t know why it’s not hit void-package/master yet, except that quite a few people seem to be rather busy of late. I’d recommend taking a look at his work instead as those are the packages that will (eventually) get into Void.

I’m keeping my branch around until that happens, but I do recommend the other one. If you do use mine, keep a watch out for official packages to hit the repos; Some of them are named differently, particularly some of the python3 deps.


Thanks for the info, I’ll keep an eye on the packages hittining the repos then.

(Michael Aldridge) #38


I just haven’t gotten around to PR-ing in my template. Its already been through maintainer review, but I’d like to fix an issue with the VirtualPCs first before merging it. Right now they have the bug where you can only press 2 keys and then it errors out (I’m pretty sure this is a static linking bug).

I expect it will be PR’d and merged in around 2 weeks time.


Frink is a practical calculating tool and programming language designed to make physical calculations simple, to help ensure that answers come out right, and to make a tool that’s really useful in the real world.

Frink follows a rapid release schedule and is updated often.


insect = interactive scientific calculator with full support for physical units

The end result is JavaScript, but source is PureScript which in turn is compiled by Haskell. There is a PureScript Docker image.


Fotoxx and Picty


CryFS has several advantages compared to EncFS, eCryptFS and TrueCript/VeraCrypt.



A nice writing application I used to use that I’d always download on fresh installs before Void. I have no need for it anymore though but maybe someone else may like something like this.

(Ibn Saeed) #44

Thanks, these look interesting.