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Cinnamon 3.4 So Late Why


I see Cinnamon 3.4 in pending builds but it was released 5 months ago. The current 3.2 version in Void repos is almost a full year old. Is there some bottleneck? Thanks.

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I only know that Sir_Boops is working on it

Where is the MATE live iso?
xbps-query -Rs cinnamon

shows Void still sitting at 3.2 as even 3.4 got old. Several 3.6 releases have happened.

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You know that mentioning it is not going to make someone work on it any faster.


That’s not the idea. I’m worried no one pays attention to Cinnamon … at all. Are you a Cinnamon maintainer? A post from maintainer(s) would help.

I can understand delays. I can’t understand silence. And I do not understand how a whole version 3.4 could be skipped. I’m not being excessively critical. Cinnamon is an unexplained exception to Void behavior. If Void supports any desktop, do you not think it should be maintained with the same update policy as all others? I want to know if Cinnamon has some reason to form a very strange exception in Void. If so, I’m fine with it, but want to know…

Perhaps dropping Cinnamon completely from the repos makes sense for Void? I can use another distro. All I ask is clarification, preferably from Cinnamon maintainer(s), and/or core Void devs.

Merry Christmas!

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i am not 100% sure but look like Gottox is involved he also maintain 400 packages


Well, did you open an issue on github and nobody answered? I hope you’re not referring to this forum thread, are you? No forum of any distro is seen as a platform to get answers from developers or maintainers.
If you want to contact maintainers and hope for a statement you have to use github. Just like you don’t report bugs in a forum.

But maybe the interest in Cinnamon among Void users and the people who volunteer to maintain packages are too few to get the job done, so the question might be: offer an older version or don’t offer cinnamon at all.
I don’t see why it’s much of a problem, other than the fact that it’s inconvenient if you want to use a newer version, to be honest. If you’re using Linux Mint 17, which is still supported, I’m pretty sure you have an even older version of Cinnamon installed, right? Yes, Void is a rolling release but if the choice is between offering an older version or not offering it at all, then no I don’t see what the advantage of not offering it at all would be. It’s not like there are unpatched vulnerabilities in the older version. Void is a community distro and rather small compared to others, realistically the only way to guarantee a speed-up would be to help maintaining it.


The version has been updated. Thanks to the maintainer(s). My answer to rob_dot is, what crazy talk. The stale version 3.2 Void offered was the same as Debian Stable for several months on end. If I want Debian Stable, I’ll use it. One thing I like about Void is consistency keeping s/w current with upstream. If I need to monitor what’s current and what isn’t I may as well play with Debian backports and whatnot.

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nixit, the anwer @rob_dot gave you in Deceember pretty much says it all: Void doesn’t boast an as large team of active devs/maintainers as more popular distributions.Void is still (fortunately and thanks God) a niche project, and developers are working the harder the better: if you looked on github, you’d see how amazingly a handful of people is maintaining a huge repo, keeping up with major rolling-release distros as Arch and Tumbleweed. Asa consequence, against a bilion of free piences of software, it’s quite understandable how something has to be left behind. I came to understand this all too well while running OSs like DragonflyBSD or SourceMage GNU/Linux. This is where i learnt to aprreciate other’s struggle, avoid complaining, patiently waiting or trying to get the software I want by myself.
There are priorities and several factors to be taken into account when enstablishing what to update and what not, among which: “what are the Void users interested in?”, “what are my skills as a developer, and what am I really able to maintain?”, “as a developer, should I only focus on users’ desire for the sake of altruism, or should I follow my own intentions? Better to be both”

I think you made a correct point underlining the lack of maintenance for Cinnamon in your opening post, politely reporting or calling on community attention is a good thing, also in the view of being able to open a productive debate and get the general community’s point of view, before making an official request to maintainer. Next time however it would be better to do the latter too, as you’ve bee advised to do earlier.

I haven’t seen any other Cinnamon thread aside yours here, so, despite I like this DE too, I think that community is generally not interested in it, hence, if you care so much about running the blleding-edge version, I’m sorry to tell you that you’d better to switch distro, or build it yourself (give it a try next time, it doesn’t harm).

@Erin I don’t think that’s the kind of speech allowed in this forum