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Chromatic Void Wallpaper


This is a new set of wallpapers I did this morning. Here are the 1920x1080 versions, before I update other resolutions, I ask if it is best to upload here, directly on the forums, or to upload them someplace else and link back.

Edit: decided to tone down the brightness. If anyone wants the previous version, ask.

Light version:


Matte version:


Dark version:

(criw) #4

Hey! Loved those wallpapers, specially the white ones

I made a small script that alternates between them to simulate a kind of heartbeat, I’ll leave it here in case someone wants it :smile:



if [ $# -eq 1 ] && echo $1 | grep -qE '^(white|black|mate)$'; then
  while true; do
    feh --bg-scale ${HOME}/.config/themes/void/phase_one_$1.jpg
    sleep 0.5
    feh --bg-scale ${HOME}/.config/themes/void/phase_two_$1.jpg
    sleep 0.5
    feh --bg-scale ${HOME}/.config/themes/void/phase_three_$1.jpg
    sleep 0.5

echo    "Define the background's color to use as parameter:"
echo -e "\t$ $0 white|black|mate"
exit 1