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Can't get Void iso to load up on USB


void-live-x86_64-20170220.iso doesn’t work on my main system. It says decompressing Linux, booting the kernel, another line that disappears to quickly to read, then the screen goes blank, and the USB light stops flashing. Any ideas?
My system: I7-5820K, GTX-970.


Should we assume that you checked the sha256sum and used the dd command to create your bootable USB?


Yep. Did both.

I was able to get it working on a really old 32 bit system using the i686 version. I’ll try it on another USB and see what happens…

No luck. Same behavior.


Sounds reasonable. Hopefully you are not dealing with one of those weird machines with a 32-bit UEFI on a 62-bit architecture.
Good luck!

(Masato the Empty) #5

I think what might be worse with those is that from what I’ve heard, some don’t have compatibility support, meaning they can only boot EFI executables (they still read MBR, that’s part of the spec, but they don’t understand BIOS boot code)

However, you might be interested to know that a PR was recently merged to void-mklive that creates ISOs that support:

  • 32-bit firmware or 64-bit firmware for i686 images
    • You can now install 32-bit Void x86 on a 64-bit firmware in UEFI mode
  • 32-bit firmware or 64-bit firmware for x86_64 images
    • You can now install 64-bit Void on a 32-bit firmware, at lease as long as the CPU itself is still 64-bit

You will, however, need to pull the latest void-mklive and build your own image, as new ISOs haven’t been released including recent merges. (it’s not hard at all). I tested these changes in various VMs, but it would be nice to see how well things work on real hardware.

Because there may still be other issues on those platforms related to hardware and kernel config (I hear others have been playing with installation on some skylake tablets for instance) The support I refer to here is just for booting/installing on these platforms and doesn’t address possible chip/driver quirks.


Nice to hear, there are a lot of those out there.
Would test if I could… I only have 64-bit here, sorry.

Actually, I have no idea what’s wrong… just booted my usb with the musl variant of yours void-live-x86_64-20170220.iso
and had no problem. There’s nothing wrong with the iso files… Sorry!