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Calling slimerjs gurus :)

(de69ja) #1

firefox-esr-52.2.0_1 (update) breaks installed pkg ‘slimerjs-0.10.0_1’ - see what i can do,unless events occur earlier.


According to their site it runs on 50 and earlier :frowning:



By the way, did firefox-esr get a change? Last I checked it was on 45.9?

(de69ja) #4

a-ha … thanks for pointing that out anonvoid :slight_smile:
I think i just got over-confident as slimerjs worked okay on the first rc of firefox-esr-52 … no biggie,i can make personal tweaks :slight_smile:

(de69ja) #5

in addition … it appears that as from this update … firefox-esr is NO LONGER supported by GTK2 libraries