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Brave browser

(xforce) #1

I installed brave browser following the instructions here:

wget https://laptop-updates.brave.com/latest/linux64 -O- | tar xj

however I can’t run the executable, I’m getting this error

Failed to execute child process “/Brave-linux-x64/brave” (No such file or directory).

I have the permissions to run the file, and its executable

Does anyone have any idea why it could be not working for me ?


Binary releases for linux are mostly compiled against glibc and brave is no exception. With you software choice you are probably better of in using voidlinux with glibc instead of musl

(xforce) #3

makes sense,
i’ll probably have to reinstall then :-/


Previsouly discussed. Try building the Brave Flatpak linked somewhere in that thread if you’re ambitious. If you’re willing to reinstall Void just build a Virtual Machine. Run stock glibc Brave in the glibc VM.

Update - gcompat is in Void but so new it hasn’t hit the repos yet. I’m not sure what to think of it but worth a look.

(oliver) #5

You might be able to run things in a glibc chroot.



Docker image is possible.

(xforce) #7

thanks for all your help
I reinstalled void linux and am using glibc now

(xforce) #8

I’ll try this out ,… so I didn’t need to reinstalll at all :smiley: