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Bleachbit needs Root privilege to works


I like to use Bleachbit in any Linux distribution, it’s a powerful tool.

But in Void-Linux I have a little problem to start it :

When I start it by the Xfce menu = Bleachbit starts without ‘Polkit’ or ‘Gksu’ authentication!

So I must go to a terminal and type ‘sudo bleachbit’ to use it whith Root privilege!

It’s strange because when I start (for example) Gparted = the ‘Polkit’ ask me for password to use Gparted with Root privilege.

I don’t understand why Bleachbit don’t call ‘Polkit’ or ‘Gksu’ to start in Root mode.


You can create new menu item that launch bleachbit as root
copy pasted from different sources not tested:

cp /usr/share/applications/bleachbit.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/bleachbit-root.desktop

then modify new desktopfile:
Name=Bleachbit As Root
Exec=gksudo -k -u root bleachbit


Ah OK !

But why create a new .desktop file ?
I only need to modify the original /usr/share/applications/bleachbit.desktop to do that…

Thanks! :monkey:


If you edit the orginal it will get replaced when you update package


ok :older_man:



If I don’t want to use gksu / gksudo , I think it is possible to use authentication inside a terminal emulator, by modifying the new desktopfile like this:

Name=Bleachbit As Root
Exec=su -c bleachbit

Now when I launch ‘Bleachbit As Root’ a terminal opens up and asks me for the root password :smiley_cat: