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Artifacts after freetype update


good ol’ xfce :wink: I recommend the windowck-plugin to integrate window controls in the top panel, isn’t installed in the screenshot though.

(eggshell88) #22

Since I don’t have any old freetype packages in my cache and have not yet found any way to download the void package anywhere: where can I get old void packages?

I tried building freetype2 from source but that only broke dependencies…
Isn’t there something like an archive like Arch Linux has?


What do you mean by it “broke dependencies”?
Void has no archive as far as I know, as you can just rebuild older packages from git and then downgrade to them.

(maxice8's favorite salad) #24

Trying to build an old version freetype from xbps-src is a mighty fun adventure of git cherry-pick other packages updates so it fills up

(eggshell88) #25

Well it did not break them directly. It was rather the fact that some packages depended on freetype-devel and I did not find any source code to build a “freetype-devel”. The freetype-devel package in the repos is 2.8.1, while the freetype I built from source was 2.8.
So a few applications like sddm did not work because they were probably expecting a freetype-devel package, which I removed.

Building from xbps-src. Well, currently it builds 2.8.1 of course. I honestly didn’t get too much into that, it just seemed easier to download the tar ball and build it myself.


Ah, I understand now. When you build freetype it will also build the devel package with it.
(And it would be too easy if you could just download old packages! :stuck_out_tongue:)

(eggshell88) #27

Oh, well, then I shall try again. Thx :wink:

Still, a site like archive.archlinux.org for Void would be fantastic :slight_smile:

(eggshell88) #28

Well. Turns out freetype.2.8_1-x86_64.xbps is available on repo.voidlinux.eu/current .
That oughta do it :wink:


Doesn’t seem that it’s there anymore. Is there a way to downgrade some other way? I tried building from the old template which fails at do_build(with the current bootstrap/tools).


The old template still builds for me with the current bootstrap. Could you post the error you got?

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.=> ERROR: freetype-2.8_1: failed to run do_build() at line 13.


I can’t seem to reproduce that error.
What architecture are you building it on and what commands are you using to build it?


Interestingly enough it seems that it builds now after re-initializing the bootstrap. Thanks for answering.

(eggshell88) #34

Should you still want freetype2.8 as xbps package, it is still available on repo2.voidlinux.eu :wink: