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Are repositories crashing?

(Gus Fun) #1

Has anyone else experienced slow to hanging repository action today (sunday March 11 2018)?


yep at least repo.voidlinux.eu

(Gus Fun) #3

Thank you, I thought maybe something was wrong with my connection or dns.


it was working fine early this morning (aus time)
hopefully just some maintanence downtime…

(Gus Fun) #5

I let it run in the background so I can see what’s up, and finally it upgraded 2 pkgs, xbps and libxbps.
Then I run it again and it run really fast, I guess new repository addresses were specified and the old ones are larking? A whole bunch of new stuff came through.


This is likely related: is anyone else getting

signature from `https://repo.voidlinux.eu/current': Not Found

when trying to upgrade MesaLib-devel to version 17.3.3_3 (from 17.3.3_2)?

It was one of the many updates that came down the pipeline today (March 11) after the xbps upgrades noted by @fungalnet.


nah, i did those updates earlier with no problem…
the repo was just offline for some hours and came back in the evening(my time)
the easiest way to check is try the site in a browser…
but yeah, now there’s a problem with MesaLib-devel signature…
EDIT actually, it’s signatures in general, MesaLib-devel just happened to be first on the list…
EDIT2 looking via browser, i can see there’s some packages upgraded in x86_64, but not there signatures or other archs… some syncing issue with the build server… i expect time will resolve this…

(maxice8's favorite salad) #8

We recently updated to llvm6 which is a massive project and apparently 43GB is not enough to build it with debug symbols, there will be signature problems while we resolve these builder issues.


The sigs seem to be there now (at least the ones that my install couldn’t find before, mostly mesa-related).