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App recomendation xvkbd


I was surprised to discover afaict that it looks like there is no virtual keyboard in the repo, surprising because there is a rapsberry pi base image, where there’s a fair chance you might need one…

I looked at a number of different ones, and I’m actually glad I had some issues with compiling florence on the pi as it made me have a proper look at xvkbd

there is a menu of settings but its well hidden in plain view!

there are numerous layouts and it can be used in conjunction with lightdm,

(Masato the Empty) #2

It is in void-packages, and it looks like they’d have it on that arch if it would cross compile., but it’s nocross due to some breakage or another (I’m looking at a local copy in a pretty recent pull from void-packages).

Looks like the fcitx IME is also not built for any ARM, and that’s also got virtual keyboards in several languages/layouts.

There used to be something for ibus as well, but that project (ibus-xkbc) looks quite dead…


Security often demands a virtual kb. Tails Project dumped Florence for another one.


compiles fine on the actual platform, but its some wierd imake build (you can’t call imake directly) but it builds fine on either platform, so it should cross ??