Almost all kernel versions return a stack trace in a Core 2 duo laptop


In a Core 2 duo laptop, with LUKS full disk encryption (if that’s relevant), the only kernel version working is 4.10.17. All the others cause stack traces.

Made a few videos with different kernel versions that show that what happens:
Please see:

Any hope or do I have to stick to kernel version 4.10.17 for the eternity?


The initramfs for the kernels are broken, you are most likely running out of space on /boot.


I have C2D laptop also and everything works for me well. Follow Duncaen’s hint and use vkpurge rm to remove old kernels.

(Erin) #4

df -h in a terminal to confirm


There’s plenty of space in /boot

$ df -h | grep -e boot -e Mounted
Filesystem             Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             1008M  104M  853M  11% /boot


The file you are trying to download is no longer available.
Can’t help you directly then.

Can you reconfigure your linux using sudo xbps-reconfigure -f linux4.17 and make sure that the contents in /boot are alright?

Maybe there is an issue with your fstab boot entry and /boot is on / (root) and not its own partition because the mount doesn’t work?


The contents of /boot seem alright, vmlinuz, and config were created. initramfs was not, though. Compared this with my workstation’s and initramfs is part of its /boot.


So, no hope then?


Could you post the output of:

# dracut --force --kver 4.17.4_1


Have you installed intel-ucode ? (cpu microcode updates)


I didn’t have intel-ucode installed in the laptop, installed it but it didn’t change the outcome…


Just because the contents of /boot look alright doesn’t mean it’s mounted correctly. What does df -h /boot say? If it rests on / it is not correct.

Did you make sure that your fstab file is right?

The internet says for your error:

You are missing the initramfs for that kernel. Choose another kernel from the grub menu, or run update-initramfs -u -k version to generate the initrd for version then update-grub

Please carefully check your setup if everything is alright. You can see from the error that your initrams is broken and I suspect either the /boot mount is wrong and/or you didn’t correctly create the initrams.