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Adding a package to Void


Hi there,

So, I’m currently attempting to get a package into Void. Following the wiki I’ve been able to reach the point where I can install the package via hostdir/binpkgs and I’m unsure as to what to do next.

xlint produces the following output:
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:9: variable set to empty string: #configure_args="“
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:10: variable set to empty string: #make_build_args=”“
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:12: variable set to empty string: #conf_files=”“
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:14: variable set to empty string: hostmakedepends=”“
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:15: variable set to empty string: makedepends=”“
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:16: variable set to empty string: depends=”"
srcpkgs/clustalw/template:18: maintainer needs email address

What do I need to add to these in order to fix?

(Masato the Empty) #2

Are you doing what it says you’re doing? Then don’t.

Don’t define those variables to empty strings. It’s bad practice if done without a reason. Unneeded variables should not be defined.

The commented ones shouldn’t cause any real issue if they’re parsed as regular shell code. Possibly an artifact of how xlint reads the template. Still, better that the defs are deleted rather than commented unless you have a good reason for them to be there.

The last one should be obvious. Look at other templates and compare if you’re not sure what format it wants.

xlint errors aren’t always deal-breakers for merges but some can be. Just make sure you have a reason if you’re going to do things that cause xlint to throw them.


Thanks for the reply,

I’m not really sure what they all mean, I’m assuming that *depends is related to what dependencies the package requires, but I don’t know what the dependencies are or how to find out what they are.

As for the maintainer email address, would that be me?

(Masato the Empty) #4

yes, that’d be yours. I once asked if it’s OK to use your github noreply, and the guys in IRC told me that some contributors do it that way. How often, I’m not sure. I have done a handful of patche/revbump PRs and haven’t put any new packages in.

As for the details of what everything means, I found the manual did a good job of explaining them, while looking at the rest of the void-packages tree helped to see it all in action. The only one that took me a little bit longer to get was the distinction between hostmakedepends and makedepends.

(maxice8's favorite salad) #5

Yes, it would be you.


Manual says:

maintainer A string in the form of name <user@domain>. The email for this field must be a valid email that you can be reached at. Packages using users.noreply.github.com emails will not be accepted.

(Masato the Empty) #7

Good to know; I guess I missed that one. Perhaps there were some different feelings among the maintainers when I inquired. Since I haven’t done any packages I haven’t had occasion to test the strictness of that policy.