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A little something I worked on last night

(Xlaits Xavier) #1

In all fairness, I made this a LOT harder on myself than it should have been. I piped the ASCII art logo from screenfetch -L into it’s own file, then copied all of that (using VIM, which was stupid of me) to /etc/issue. I then had to change it by a single character, so my console wasn’t green when I logged in.

I’m quite happy with the results, so I thought I’d share. (I later removed the text at the top. Hated how that looked…)

(Kartik) #2

I did something similar. Except mine is completely monochrome. How do you get colors in your /etc/isssue?

(Giorgio Gallo) #3

ANSI escape codes do work in /etc/issue.
Well… I guess you can use them in whatever gets printed to a terminal…


echo -e '\e[1;31mHello!\e[0m\n' >> /etc/issue
cat /etc/issue
hexdump -C /etc/issue

Notice in the output of hexdump that /etc/issue contains actual ASCII ESC characters (0x1b hex or 033 octal) rather than literal \e (the replacement is due to the -e in echo). Check your text editor doc if you want to edit the file manually.