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64bit raspberry PI(3)?


Is there likely to be support (ie an install image and 64bit arm packages in the repo) for the Pi3 and is there any kind of estimated roadmap and timescale?

As I understand it the beefier cpu and faster gpu makes it a much more practical proposition for tasks such as web browsing - which lets be honest at times can like wading through treacle even on the pi2

I’m not over keen on an either an out of date distro nor systemd, but equally I don’t think its quite got the grunt to be compiling updates every other day with something like Gentoo…


The rpi3 is currently lacking 64bit support, you have to use the rpi2 images for now.


yes. I’m aware - hence I asked the question, an rpi3 image could get significantly better performance and I think well worth doing - would actually get me back into hacking on the pi… (and probably others too)


I mean by lacking 64bit support that the rpi itself doesnt support it.
There are missing firmware parts that are mandatory to boot a linux system in 64 bit mode.


oh good grief… I mean really what are those guys playing at, talk about only getting 80% of the way there…

(Alessio) #6

Any updates on this ?
The OpenSuse tumbleweed and Debian Stretch pi64 mod are supporting Raspberry Pi3 64bit.

Take a look at this repository for more information : https://github.com/bamarni/pi64