2015 Macbook Pro with AMD Graphics, graphical screen corruption in Xorg


Just installed Void Linux on my 2015 Macbook Pro which has AMD Graphics (Technically it’s a switchable graphics setup with Intel+AMD graphics, but it’s done with a hardware mux switch, and not anything similar to Optimus)

Anyways I installed Xorg and the MATE desktop environment, and I see the desktop background is corrupt by this white opaque overlay which causes Firefox to be mostly white when viewing pages. I noticed some radeon driver and DMAR errors in dmesg, which are in the second screenshot of this imgur album.

Before I rebooted it to see if it would fix it I noticed some amdgpu: GPU fault detected errors as well.

The laptop is running a little hot due to dust, but I haven’t seen any screen corruption under OS X.



I cleaned out my laptop last night. Lot’s of dust in the fans, all gone now.

Temperatures are much better under OS X but I still get the white screen with Xorg in Void :frowning:


Did 30 minutes of FurMark stress testing under OSX, no artifacting or crashing there.

I saw this post on another forum for another distribution of Linux (Solus) and the intel_iommu=off cmdline fix does solve the white screen, although I still have some “GPU fault detected” errors in dmesg.